Our services

A wide range of professional services is guaranteed to high-profile customers, together with other services requiring special treatments, some of which are outsourced to companies of proven expertise and absolutely trustworthy.
  • Designing/construction and certification of gauges of various kinds
  • Expansion and radial compensation boring heads
  • Design/construction of clamp bodies and elastic clamps having 0.003 mm MAX oscillation
  • Construction, assembly of electro-welded structures
  • Braze welding processing
  • Designing/construction of tools and pallets for workpiece handling and clamping on machine tools
  • Third party machining of single parts and small/medium series
  • Designing/construction of equipment for metrology room
  • Construction of elastic clamps of various types
  • Manufacturing of vulcanized expansion clamps having 0.003 mm MAX oscillation
  • Welding with TIG and AC/DC technology and continuous wire
  • Hot and cold hardfacing of micro-powders (metal-ceramic-Teflon)
  • Disassembly, overhaul and testing of mechanical and pneumo-hydraulic equipment of various kinds
  • Mechanical processing on steel, titanium, carbide, plexiglass, plastics, borosilicate, graphite and ceramics
  • Measurements of dimensions and shape errors of finished mechanical parts with corresponding inspection reports also on behalf of third parties